Finding the “Right” CEs for You

Licensed professionals in the mental health field are required to complete a specific number of hours in order to maintain licensure. It is helpful to start with what is required, and then begin the process of customizing those specifics to support a niche that is desired for one to grow professionally. This niche may come from a place of passion, curiosity, or simply a need in one’s current employment structure. 

Pennsylvania state requirements can be found at by first selecting the Professional Licensing tab, second the Boards and Commissions, third the Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professionals counselors, and lastly the Social Worker Licensure Requirements Snapshot. The website states that in a biennial renewal period, or every two years “Licensees must complete 30 hours of continuing education in acceptable courses and programs in social work offered by approved providers. The 30 hours shall include 2 hours of the mandated Act 31 Child Abuse Reporter Training, 3 hours in ethics, and 1 hour in suicide prevention.” 

Two years can pass in the blink of an eye. A helpful strategy would be to create a plan and generate a list of interests. Starting with the baseline information in the criteria of ethics, mandated child abuse reporter training, and suicide prevention. It is possible to complete some of the courses within a niche as well. There are plenty of ethics courses and suicide prevention strategies for specific populations and treatment modalities. 

After these courses are completed, this leaves a minimum of twenty-four hours of continuing education to fulfill in a two-year time period, at about twelve hours per year. When the list is broken down in this manner, the CE requirements seem fairly reasonable and appropriate to help mental health professionals stay relevant and continue to grow in their skill sets.

Listed below are Approved Continuing Education Providers (ACEPs) that offer in-person and online courses and online events at little to no cost as listed in a previous blog article titled Remote Learning and Psychology CE's:

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