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Dr. Thomas Workman, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS

Dr. Workman earned his Bachelor of Arts from California University in Psychology with a concentration in I/O Psychology in 2006. His Master’s degree is also from California University in Community and Agency Counseling. Dr. Workman earned his PhD from Duquesne University in Counselor Education and Supervision. He is a full-time faculty member in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Department at Franciscan University and oversees the internship program there. Dr. Workman works primarily through a lens of Cognitive Therapy, mindfulness-based strategies, and Positive Psychotherapy. A strong interest of his is the application of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Theory as it applies to mental health treatment and psychotherapy. He has multiple years of experience as a clinician, supervisor, and manager in a variety of settings including residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and group private practice with children, adolescents, and adults. Substance use disorders, PTSD/trauma, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, personality disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, conduct disorder, and anger management are some of the areas in which Dr. Workman has experience. He makes significant effort at bringing high levels of warmth, challenge, and humor into therapy.

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