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Dr. Jason T. Goodson

Dr. Goodson earned his PhD from Utah State University after completing a pre-doctoral internship at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. He then completed a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School in exposure-based treatment for anxiety disorders. After his fellowship, he began working in the VA system where he treats veterans with PTSD, anxiety, and mood disorders and continues to work in this capacity. In addition, Dr. Goodson is a staff psychologist at the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Therapy. He has published several scientific articles in the areas of Safety Behaviors, anxiety, and PTSD. He is interested in behaviors that perpetuate anxiety and PTSD. Dr. Goodson and colleagues developed and published the Safety Behavior Assessment Form (SBAF). The SBAF is a transdiagnostic measure of safety behaviors appropriate for a wide-range of anxiety conditions, including PTSD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, and health anxiety. The SBAF has been used to predict treatment response in PTSD and anxiety as well as the development of future anxiety in non-clinical populations. Dr. Goodson also created Behavior Therapy for Anxiety-Related Disorders (BTAD), which has its conceptual roots in past safety behavior therapy, but represents his uniquely effective approach to addressing safety behaviors. He wrote a client workbook and therapist guide to help guide the implementation of BTAD. Dr. Goodson also was the first to create a version of BTAD for PTSD (also known as BTAP). Preliminary outcomes using BTAP have been excellent with large effect sizes. Additionally, Drs. Goodson and Haeffel are currently running an anxiety prevention study using his safety behavior approach.

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